Suit Type: Skirt
Color: Burgundy
Neckline: Straps
Details: Zipper, Belted
Top Type: Camisole
Bust: XS: 32.5in, S: 34in, M: 35.5in, L: 38in
Waist Size: XS: 26in, S: 27.75in, M: 29in, L: 31.5in 
Hip Size: XS: 36.75in, S: 38in, M: 40in, L: 42in 
Top Length: XS: 15in, S: 15in, M: 15.75in, 
L: 15.75in 
Skirt Length: XS: 15.75in, S: 16in, M: 16.5in, L: 16.75in

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